Meet Amanda

Amanda is thriving thanks to her care at Honolulu Shriners Hospital.

Being Parents of two very active children can be both uplifting and chaotic. Brent and Jean had their share of chaos when their 11-year old daughter Amanda suffered what appeared to be play-ground injuries that eventually pre-vented her from doing activities she loved.

While they were relieved to hear from Amanda’s pediatrician and a specialist that she had no broken bones, sprains or fractures, they were advised to go to the injury clinic at Honolulu Shriners Hospital for any future injuries. Her doctors felt our local physicians at Shriners Hospital could give them a more comprehensive analysis in case there were any underlying or serious conditions contributing to her injuries and unexpectedly lengthy healing times.

Unfortunately, Amanda suffered two subsequent injuries. A foot injury occurred at the start of the pandemic, when Amanda moved to online ballet classes. Upon their first visit to Shriners Hospital, Brent and Jean were impressed with the care their daughter received. “The doctors were knowledgeable and caring and knew exactly what to do,” recalled Jean. “I didn’t expect all the services they offered like the low radiation EOS x-rays, rec therapy, PT and clinical photography.” Months later, Amanda suffered a knee injury from a fall while playing with her friends. Upon learning about her treatment options from her doctor at Shriners Hospital, Amanda expressed concern.

“Amanda did not want to wear a cast and was reluctant to do PT because of her pain,” said Jean. “But Kanoe (physical therapist) helped put her at ease. She set progressive goals for Amanda like daily massage and stretches while at home.” “The exercises were fun - Zadoc (therapy dog) helped me straighten my leg and I loved riding the bicycle around the hallways!” exclaimed Amanda.

All her hard work and determination paid off as Amanda could resume the activities she loved with no restrictions. Besides being able to resume dancing, bowling, playing the violin, and playing with her friends, she was finally able to try volleyball which is something she had been wanting to do for a while. “We are so glad we went to Shriners Hospital since the doctors, nurses and physical therapists really made sure she was healed completely,” said Jean.

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